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Cosmetic Dentistry for a Gummy Smile

Dec 25, 2021 @ 04:25 PM — by Sharon B. Mateja, D.D.S.
Tagged with: Cosmetic Dentistry

gummy smileThe appearance of your smile doesn’t just depend on your teeth. Your teeth, lips, and gum tissue all work together to affect the proportions of your grin. Excess gum tissue can make your teeth look worn or too small. This is what is known as a “gummy smile.” While there is no exact definition of a gummy smile, a study from the University of Washington indicates that dental professionals consider 3mm or more of gum tissue to be disproportionate. 

Fortunately, Sharon Mateja, D.D.S., offers effective cosmetic dentistry for a gummy smile to patients in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, and the surrounding areas. At your initial consultation, she can determine which cosmetic treatment or treatments will best help you achieve the smile you desire.

Gum Lifting

Gum lifting is typically one of the first options that Dr. Mateja will recommend for a gummy smile. This procedure is also known as a gingivectomy or gum contouring. During gum lifting, Dr. Mateja will carefully remove a very small amount of gum tissue to expose more of your teeth. She can also reshape and smooth your gum line, if needed. 

We proudly use state-of-the-art diode lasers to perform gum lifting at our Rancho Cucamonga office. The laser seals off blood vessels immediately so you should experience very little post-treatment inflammation or swelling. Equally important, the diode laser allows for extreme accuracy, so Dr. Mateja can achieve highly personalized and precise results. The effects of gum lifting are permanent.

Dental Bonding 

Dental bonding is often combined with a gum lift and can provide better balance between your teeth and gum tissue. During bonding, Dr. Mateja will apply composite resin to your teeth. She can extend the material slightly beyond the edges of your teeth to lengthen them. Composite resin is available in a wide range of shades, so Dr. Mateja can find a color that beautifully corresponds to your natural teeth. 

Bonding is non-invasive and typically has no side effects. Another advantage is that Dr. Mateja can use this treatment to address other cosmetic concerns at the same time that she improves your gummy smile. For instance, bonding can improve misshapen or significantly discolored teeth.

Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are thin shells of porcelain that attach to the front of teeth. They can extend just beyond the edges of your teeth to lengthen them and provide better balance with your gums. To place veneers, Dr. Mateja will first need to reshape the front of your teeth, removing a layer of enamel to make room for the porcelain. Then she will attach the veneers with dental cement. A curing light will harden the material and provide a secure bond. 

Veneers have many of the same effects as bonding. However, patients often find that the results are even more realistic since the porcelain has a translucence and sparkle that more closely mimics natural dental tissue.

Schedule a Cosmetic Consultation Today

You deserve to feel great about your smile. To learn more about the cosmetic dentistry options available for a gummy smile, contact our Rancho Cucamonga, CA, office today. Reach us online or give us a call at (909) 989-5959.

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